The best 12 luxury big bathroom design ideas

Nothing luxury bathroom is really beautiful. Many contemporary bathrooms, still luxury ones, put an important highlighting on the shower but you can not actually rest by taking a shower. You need to bathe in a elegant bathtub for at the same time as. It would be good idea if you as well could watch a great view from a window at the same time as you are  soaking in the tub. If this is not an alternative then the interior of the all  bathroom should be so cool that it would become this beautiful view. Here are several Luxury Big Bathroom Design Ideas, which is your favorite design?

modern pink girls bedroom design Ideas

Pink color is changeless subject for modern pink girls bedroom design Ideas. For several people it is a representation of affection and youth. This color is linked with fairy-tale queen or Barbie and more or less each girl dreams about a attractive pink bedroom. Pink color could completely fit as conventional bedrooms with traditional furniture and wonderful curves as modern, more authentic ones.

Integrating this color with others you could get a a variety of amazing designs. For instance white and pink colors for bedroom appears very attractive but if you would like to decided more bright bedroom then you might more like a integration of pink and green bedroom. Below you could notice very attractive ideas to design the greatest pink girls bedroom. There are special examples of girls bathrooms which would be enjoyed by as young as adult girls between them.

Yellow Kid’s Furniture Design

bench funny yellow kids

Kids  furniture become enjoyable! Jesper Thomsen introduces a Yellow Kid’s Furniture Design combination  called simply Play. It is composed of  yellow easel, table,  bench, chairs  and funny soap box car. All the items are creating in light yellow. The assembling is for older chlidren and is kid-secure and is arranged of painted wood. Designing this collection the creator  tried to identify the world over kid’s eyes and create the furniture according to these images. Children can learn, write on the blackboard, have fun with the car and sit on the benches and chairs communicating. Let your children take pleasure with funny light and eco-friendly furniture!

Modern and classic Living room furniture

clasic usa style living room furniture

Modern and classic Living room furniture – is the main cost item of any newcomers. Why is it so carefully thought out living room and almost matched in the first place (well, maybe as soon as a bed in the bedroom)? The answer is very simple. Living room furniture – it’s not just furniture – it is the center of your home. It is an interior room, you have come to realize people are happy there in that house guests, hosts what characters they love, and then try to avoid. The furniture in the living room – this is your business card and you have the right to do it at all. Serious classical or original art new  interior add to the elegance of French Country, or ease of minimalism. Living rooms and lounges for you to delight guests and create the desired image owners.

To date, Modern and classic living room furniture – is not just a wall, slide, table and chairs or even a modular set – a flight of your imagination, not limited by anything, except that cash.

Modern and classic Living room furniture can include display cases, wall unit or corps, tables and dining groups, sofas and armchairs. The material of which makes furniture for living room, too, your choice of wood, chipboard, MDF or wood veneer. What do you prefer? Of all these materials are obtained by the wonderful walls, modular sets, windows, closets, desks and chests of drawers, which will find a worthy place in the interior of the room.

Furniture is represented on our site by many companies – producers.
But, of course, the main subject of our conversation with you – this is living. Buying furniture for any room, you need to accurately determine not only the style of your chosen model. The first draw all the necessary measurements, or use the services of gager. These services are offered free of charge, many large furniture companies.

In order to avoid mis understandings. Make accurate measurements, you will pick up easily wall-slide. You will be able to understand how relevant will purchase a headset for your living room.
Furniture for living room should be not only beautiful, but comfortable and functional. In addition, she bought long enough, and therefore must have an appropriate margin of safety.

On our site you will find the headset in the Modern and classic living room furniture  into a variety of styles – minimalism, classical, country, provence … freestanding wall and a modular set, cabinet and closet, dresser and coffee table, as well as many others that will create an interior that you have conceived for their home.

Italian Modern living room furniture

Expression of new ideals of beauty in the third millennium requires compliance with strict dress code of furniture in the interior. Especially when you need to decorate the “face” of your home. If you want to

surprised for the Italian Modern living room furniture should give preference to the Italian furniture. Here, time-tested tradition meets modern trends in comfort and ergonomics, the exclusive design and unmatched quality. Regardless of whether you prefer the classics, contemporary minimalist elegance and bohemian style, cabinet and upholstered furniture in Italy to satisfy the most sophisticated needs and aesthetic preferences.

Italian wall sofas and chairs, decorative items, made in classic style, impressive and elegant are stylish living room furniture. There are always present expensive types of wood, thin glass, leather and inlaid. Living rooms are decorated in this way, different aristocracy and respectability. Rich choice is the last exhibition catalog, “Italian furniture.” On what is to stop – it is value.

Italian Modern Living Room Furniture BAMAX – dialogue of tradition and style. BELCOR – a vivid example of a perfect balance of ancient decor and technology, and any thing from ASNAGHI can breathe the charm of the past into the present day. Color combinations, texture rich wood finish of the furniture and accessories features a factory CEPPI. If you need things, rich in local color, and at the same time, modern outlook on life – choose BUSATTO.

The last date trend modern style furniture – a combination of high-tech minimalism with a new generation. Extensive use of glass, colored and clear plastic makes this easy furniture and seating fills with light and air. Concise and elegant details of the initial stiffness soften the stylistic direction. The design of LAGO form is no longer dependent on a functional purpose. Furniture LONGHI combines advanced materials with a flair and perfectly proportioned minimalist aesthetics. The interiors of factories MOBILIDEA, LEMA, OLIVIERI, JESSE you can feel the special spirit and enjoy the originality of created images.

Italian Living Room furniture from Jesse

More than 80 years Jesse produces modern elite furniture, the design is colorful design elegantly combines the findings with clear and concise proportions of simplicity. For Jesse characterized by clean lines strong, high quality natural and synthetic materials, comfort and functionality, as well as the richness and variety of available models of furniture and accessories.

The company was founded in 1925 on the site of the carpentry shop in a small town near Venice Franchenigo, where he is today. Founder Jesse and his successors Francesco, continued the family business, managed to bring a small company initially to a new level: a modern factory covers an area of ​​100,000 m2, of which 40 000 m2 of enclosed spaces accounted for. Special mention deserves showroom 800 m2, with large windows that overlook the serene green landscape. The staff works only 230 people, and the manufacturing process begins with a veneer processing, cutting and pressing it, and ends with polishing and assembly of finished products.

The range of products is diverse, including all the necessary furniture for the living room and bedroom, with special attention to cabinets and storage systems. A large variety of models and contemporary styles can create a holistic interior based on personal preferences of each client. Imagination and pragmatism – are the main components of the simple philosophy of Jesse.

Italian Modern living room furniture
The company manufactures its products in a safe, environmentally friendly materials, preferring natural wood veneer. For stuffing, in addition to the polyurethane foam used natural feathers and Allergy material (conforel), which is resistant to fire. Jesse Quality System was certified as the appropriate norm UNI EN 14001-04 for the ecology. This certification underlines the company’s constant concern for the environment, which is achieved thanks to advanced technologies and minimal environmental impact.

Italian Modern Living room furniture from Jesse looks bright and expressive through cooperation with the firm’s well-known Italian designers. For example, a stylish bookcase Stay, designed by Sergio Brioski (Sergio Brioschi), its shape and a modular design similar to the spinning toy puzzle, but it looks much more solid and expensive. This small cabinet from the base of 35 cm or 45 includes two, three or four sections of shelves, which are installed at each other.

Another model of the bookcase, Manhattan, designed by studio Bartoli, shows a curious combination of shiny steel shelves and rods of the separator with vertical uprights of wood. For decoration use black oak, walnut and matte or glossy lacquer.

Wall storage system Regolo will meet the broadest needs. This modular system is easy, effective and highly functional, representing a combination of shelves, drawers, partitions and suspended modules of various heights and depths, including a rack for the TV. All handles doors and drawers are covered with a titanium finish.

Upholstered furniture factory also offers the convenience, functionality and expressive design. Modern, rich and very comfortable sofa looks Brian, developed by No code, low-legs of chrome-plated steel, made in the form of runners, and lush rectangular pillows. The upholstery is made of leather or fabric, and stuffing – polyurethane foam of varying density, natural feather and konforela.

ltalian Modern iving room furniture from Tumidei

Tumidei produces stylish modular for the living room furniture in new, cutting-edge technology from proprietary environmentally friendly materials. Modular headset to allow you to equip Tumidei room or nursery in accordance with individual requirements and tastes of each client.

Since 1958, the company Tumidei, located in Predappio di Romagna, produces a collection of furniture, is constantly evolving and improving, always to comply with current trends in interior design. Production equipment is constantly being updated and the staff is extra training to improve skills. Currently in the state of the factory employs over 100 people, and industrial areas are higher than 20 000 m2. The company’s products are certified by international standards – Italian furniture for the living room of Tumidei is accredited with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), OHSAS 18001 (safety). That heightened concern about health and comfort of customers, as well as concern for the preservation of the environment are priorities for the company, its philosophical printsipami.italyanskie living

All materials used Tumidei, highly eco-friendly materials especially for children’s furniture. Hallmark of this Italian company is the use of proprietary eco-wood panels that are manufactured using a unique technology with the use of hypoallergenic non-toxic water-based adhesive. This glue different components of the minimum content of formaldehyde, but because almost nothing into the air.

Not only materials but also the technology of the factory to meet the most advanced achievements of science and technology. For example, to connect parts of furniture used new method of folding developed in the early years of the 21st century. It allows you to attach parts of furniture without dowels, clamps and the like – all living rooms are connected by double-hull adhesive seam of high strength polyurethane and wood glue. The technology allows to get a nice solid case, very carefully and accurately made. Folding method was actively used in the manufacture of a collection of furniture for the living room Laltrogiomo, especially for connecting thick panels.

Design furniture for living rooms from Tumidei as modern and technological, as well as methods of production adopted by this factory. The ability to find a functional application Piglet each space, a lot of interesting decisions lay ‘adults’ and children’s rooms, making furniture to order – all the characteristics of the interior in the style of Tumidei